Warlords of the Moon

This is a sword & planet style campaign setting for OSR games written by Mattias Närvä and Terje Nordin.

Inspired by HP Lovecraft's Dream-Quest for Unknown Kadath, HG Well's First Men in the Moon, and Edgar Rice Burrough's A Princess of Mars, it is set on the moon, an old and dying world with grey deserts, shrinking black seas and decadent city states. Player characters can be visitors from Earth or members of the moondwelling species, the humanoid lunarians or the insectoid selenites.

The setting was originally published as three booklets in Swedish. 

  • Book 1 ("An Island in the Aether", cover by Björn Ramsten) described the bright side of the moon with over 130 places along with stats for important NPCs and new creatures, and mysterious lunar phenomena such as aether winds. 
  • Book 2 ("The City of Crystal Towers", cover by FSF Ink) detailed the largest city on the moon, Issum, with its history, laws and government, interesting locations in the various city sectors, gangs and cults, and the dungeon beneath its streets. 
  • Book 3 ("Caves of Ranshai", cover by Björn Ramsten) included the city state of Orob, a major dungeon (beneath the mountain of Ranshai) and details about the eldritch horrors lurking on the dark side of the moon.

Warlords of the Moon will be published as one book containing everything from the Swedish edition along with additional material such as new adventure locations, new classes, new monsters, and new spells.

Watch this space for further news about this project!

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